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“This is a great program and I would recommend it fully to anyone who is serious about implementing Lean in their organization, all I need to do is make a call to Optima, and they have an answer for me.”
“Beyond their technical expertise, your team brings a passion for what they do that carries over to our improvement teams. Optima has had, and will continue to have, a significant role in strengthening our continuous improvement efforts.”
“The Optima approach is a more hands-on approach. Their team works directly with our people from the production floor all the way to top management. They are comfortable in all environments and have been successful in gaining credibility with the employees. Our engagements with Optima have paid off ten-fold in our business and they have played a key role in helping move our culture to one of continuous improvement.”
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Virtual Consulting Services

We understand the world is changing and not all solutions can be, or need to be, delivered in person.

That’s why we’ve developed Optima Virtual Services to complement traditional on-site coaching and training.

Connect over Microsoft Teams or Zoom

Review, Coach, and Mentor Activities in Gemba

Progress Reviews and Coaching for Sustainability

Specialized Virtual Mentoring

A convenient way for both seasoned continuous improvement professionals and CI newcomers to receive hands-on coaching in a condensed, schedule-friendly block.

Available for specialized small group mentoring and coaching sessions of up to three participants. 

Mentoring sessions are booked in 90-minutes blocks with each participant receiving 30 minutes.

Learn from each other in a peer-to-peer environment.

Individualized Virtual Mentoring

Optima senior consultants are available for individualized learning by organization.

Organizations book eight one–hour sessions to be used over a year. Topics may include: 

Fundamentals of Lean

Identifying Waste and Value

What is Kaizen?

Problem Solving Tactics

Value Stream Mapping Overview

Managing for Daily Improvement

Leader Standard Work Overview

Our team

Laurie Stoveken

Laurie assists clients with the implementation of Lean business improvement strategies throughout their organization. With a strong background in project management and systems implementation, she has extensive experience leading company-wide initiatives in a variety of industries, especially government, manufacturing and distribution. She collaborates with clients to help them uncover the keys to successfully creating a culture of ongoing process improvement. Under her guidance, clients’ Lean Enterprise implementations are successful and rewarding.

Jeff Uitenbroek

Jeff is experienced in the Toyota Kata methodology and integrating Toyota Kata into the continuous improvement culture of a business. He gained this expertise as a member of the Modine Manufacturing Company leadership team while working closely with Mike Rother, the author of “Toyota Kata.” They worked together in transforming the continuous improvement culture to create and nurture improvement capability throughout the organization using Toyota Kata methodology. Modine and Jeff are acknowledged in Mike’s book.

Jeff is a member of ASQ and received ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. He has directed Lean-Six Sigma implementations, led a business expansion into Europe on an expat assignment in Netherlands, and held operations, engineering, quality, and EHS leadership roles in the optical storage media industry.

Michael W. Loomer

Michael has been an active Lean/CI practitioner since the early 1990s. Most of his career has been in the manufacturing space, with some time spent in sales and marketing. Starting as a night shift drill press operator to Manger of Lean Production Systems of a global Fortune 500 company, Michael draws from a wide breadth of roles and experiences in his work and personal life to make sense of leadership and improvement philosophies.

Michael looks forward to working with company leaders who are serious about leading people in developing a culture focused on Safety, Quality, and effective problem solving. Michael strives to make a difference every day in the lives of those around him in business, community, education, and most importantly, at the individual level. Michael follows the philosophy of the late Norman Bodek,” Godfather of Lean”, of connecting people to knowledge and others on the same journey. At the end of the day, humble servant leadership is the key to true success.

Lead heroically. Think flow. Do good.

Jon Moreau

Jon’s consulting career was born out of a passion to utilize his 27 years of Senior Financial experience and focus on helping businesses to identify and realize the value they have created. Jon has a proven ability to work with all departments within a company and takes a team approach to problem-solving and creating a financial strategic direction. Jon has been CFO for both privately held and private equity-owned businesses in the heavy manufacturing, light manufacturing, foundry, construction, assembly, food manufacturing, and service industries.

Dave Lange

Dave has consulted with a wide variety of manufacturers throughout the country to improve productivity and bottom-line results. Dave’s primary responsibility is to teach lean principles and to apply lean tools with employees at all levels and in all functions of the organization through a variety of methods. Dave’s role in the implementation of lean manufacturing techniques is that of coach and mentor, and emphasizes the importance of connecting strategy to actionable operations improvements. He creates lasting change with his clients.

Roger Wolfe

Roger is a 40 year plus manufacturing veteran. He has extensive experience in rubber, wood, paper/film converting and metal manufacturing with 5 years spent in the design and manufacture of custom machinery that supports lean manufacturing. Roger has also participated in over 500 Kaizen events and led numerous 3P and Design for Manufacture events.

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