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OptimaLIVE | A3 Problem Solving

If your organization is like most, there are plenty of problems to be addressed and eliminated. We all operate in a “target-rich” environment with full plates as it is.

  • Are solutions implemented, only to be discarded because they are ineffective?
  • What is the organization’s current capacity to solve the problems you face?
  • How many in your organization can apply critical thinking skills to the problems at hand?

Stop struggling to solve or “re-solve” the daily issues that keep you from being as productive as possible. Using a standard problem-solving methodology will provide a roadmap on how to go about solving most of the problems your organization faces.

Register today and add the A3 to your problem-solving toolbox.

Presented by Michael Loomer

Michael has been an active Lean/CI practitioner since the early 1990s. Most of his career has been in the manufacturing space, with some time spent in sales and marketing. Starting as a night shift drill press operator to Manger of Lean Production Systems of a global Fortune 500 company, Michael draws from a wide breadth of roles and experiences in his work and personal life to make sense of leadership and improvement philosophies.

Michael looks forward to working with company leaders who are serious about leading people in developing a culture focused on Safety, Quality, and effective problem solving. Michael strives to make a difference every day in the lives of those around him in business, community, education, and most importantly, at the individual level. Michael follows the philosophy of the late Norman Bodek,” Godfather of Lean”, of connecting people to knowledge and others on the same journey. At the end of the day, humble servant leadership is the key to true success.

Lead heroically. Think flow. Do good.