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Continuous Improvement Alliance | The Village Companies

The Village Companies is based in Pulaski, WI and takes pride in delivering innovative solutions, products, and experiences to its customers, partners, and employees. Eight business units make up The Village Companies: Bay Tek Entertainment, MCL Industries, COEX, Gamer Green, DBG, LifeStyle77, Maverick Blinds, and Optima Associates. Restructuring changes, accelerated by the pandemic, have pushed The Village Companies to come together in a new way to innovate, develop new products, and implement new manufacturing processes faster than ever.

Brock Treankler and Megan Bies will share background on the production challenges facing Maverick Blinds and newly-acquired Beer Belly Bags. Alliance members will be shown the current state of the Beer Belly Bags and Maverick Blinds manufacturing facility and asked to provide thoughts and suggestions on the proposed layout, change management, and process flow efforts.

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