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Lean Leader Virtual Workshop | Q1 2022

This virtual workshop includes six sessions spread across two weeks. see all

February 14-16 & 21-23
Each session will run from 9:00-11:00 a.m.

In our Lean Leader Virtual Workshop, we’ll cover the relationships between organizational leadership, culture, and Lean tools. By exploring these relationships, and practicing the skills shared each day, leaders and their organizations will be able improve daily work by making it easier, faster, and better.


The workshop will emphasize how to identify and prioritize gaps in performance to collectively improve. Ultimately, the sustainability of any organization’s continuous improvement effort must be more than tools in search of problems. It must be ingrained into the way we think and behave every day.

Participants will gain skills to lead continuous improvement with more confidence and understanding. Organizations who believe employees are their most precious asset know the importance of making a commitment to training and development. This combination of commitment and training leads to a true problem-solving culture.

DAY 1: Principles of Lean
Origin | Process | Quality | Identifying Waste | Cycle Time | Value Add
DAY 2: Lean Leader & MDI
Gemba | Leader Knowledge | Traditional vs. Lean Leadership Communication Flow | Visual Management | Problem-Solving Cycle
DAY 3: 5S & Workplace Organization
Combining 5S & Visual Management | Getting Started | Sustaining 5S
DAY 4: Introduction to Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
Make Value Flow | Current/Future State | Developing an Implementation & Control Plan | Facilitating a Cross-Functional VSM Workshop
DAY 5: Manager-Led Problem Solving
Problem Solving Initiatives | Benefit/Effort Matrix | Cause/Effect Brainstorm | Root Cause & Countermeasures | Stakeholder Buy In
DAY 6: Leader is Coach
CI Ownership | Mindsets & Culture | Sustainment | Change Agents Power of Habit | Mastery Through Practice | Leader Standard Work Lean Management System

Michael W. Loomer has been an active Lean/CI practitioner since the early 1990s. Most of his career has been in the manufacturing space, with some time spent in sales and marketing. Starting as a night shift drill press operator to Manger of Lean Production Systems of a global Fortune 500 company, Michael draws from a wide breadth of roles and experiences in his work and personal life to make sense of leadership and improvement philosophies.

Michael looks forward to working with company leaders who are serious about leading people in developing a culture focused on Safety, Quality, and effective problem solving. Michael strives to make a difference every day in the lives of those around him in business, community, education, and most importantly, at the individual level. Michael follows the philosophy of the late Norman Bodek, the “Godfather of Lean,” of connecting people to knowledge and others on the same journey. At the end of the day, humble servant leadership is the key to true success.