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OptimaLIVE | Flow, Pull, and Level Load

To move product, customers, patients or paper faster throughout your organization, you must understand what is slowing you and your team down. These hidden and out in the open issues cost your organization time and bottom-line profits. What does it take to remove the things that hinder the pace of your organization?

FASTER, one of the three basic Lean Topics (along with EASY and BETTER) planned for OptimaLIVE will focus on the what, why and a bit of the how of Flow, Pull and Level Loading.

Items to be covered regarding Flow: what is Flow, what stops flow, conditions required to create flow and preparation for flow introduction.

To understand Pull we will: define pull, review the difference between Push and Pull, look at the Kanban process, types of pull and simple ways to introduce pull.

During our conversation on level loading we will: define level or production leveling, understand balancing throughput of activities across a process, what causes unevenness and importance of waste reduction in smoothing production.

How does your river run through?

Meet your presenter

Michael Loomer has been an active Lean/CI practitioner since the early 1990’s. Most of his career has been in the manufacturing space with some time spent in sales and marketing. A few of the more recognizable organizations where his skills were developed and used to effect good change; United States Marine Corps, A.O. Smith, In-Sink-Erator, Chrysler, Waukesha Engine and Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Currently the Director of Operations for R&D Laser Processing, he is guiding this business on their new Lean journey. In addition, Michael desires to share his knowledge and experience with other organizations that are serious about leading people well by developing a culture that focuses on Safety, first-pass Quality and smooth Flow across all business processes.

As with most Lean/CI people, Michael is just looking to make a difference every day in the lives of those around him be it business, community, education or most importantly, the individual. Michael follows the philosophy of the late Norman Bodek, Father of American Lean, in connecting people to knowledge as stated in the introduction to his book Kaikaku, “Now I will share with you the adventure of how I discovered these people, the importance of their ideas and how you can put them to use in your company and in your life.”

Just making a difference.