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OptimaLIVE | Lean 101

Lean manufacturing helps you to look at your operation in a manner that identifies and eliminates non-value added activities, more commonly called WASTE! Lean establishes a systematic approach to eliminating waste and creating flow throughout the whole company. It also helps you develop and implement a long-term plan to streamline your operations for success by doing MORE with LESS!

Join us as we go over the basics of Lean thinking. This session won’t make you an expert… but it will give you the information to be more effective at work.

Meet the presenter


Christian Wolcott

Christian is a passionate change agent focused on inspiring organizational excellence. His years of continuous improvement experience in multiple business sectors include; manufacturing, social media, government, justice, finance, IT, service, retail, NGO and non-profit. His approach is honest, understanding and exacting; the alignment of people, the discovery of opportunity and provision of resources to understand the voice of customer and needs of all people aligned toward service. When an organization has the opportunity to see and experience working with him, the ultimate result is an organization inspired, armed, confident and re-purposed to drive sustainable results with financial and cultural impact.