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Savvy Consortium Meeting | All Region – Virtual

Make Innovation Work: Overcome the Post Pandemic Obstacles
Guest Presenter: Dr. King Banaian
Dean, School of Public Policy
St. Cloud State University

How does innovation happen in a post pandemic work environment? If “knowledge is created through an evolutionary process” and every innovation “is the result of thousands of people exchanging ideas”, can a mediated, two-dimensional meeting on a screen lead to the same exchanging of ideas? (Matt Ridley, How Innovation Works). Many say it does not, including King Banaian, Dean of Public Policy at SCSU. King will share his observations from a year of online education, which have increased his confidence that innovation is not and cannot flourish in the current virtual environment.

Savvy members’ complex product designs require interaction between like-minded and work-focused people. Product Engineers work on design teams that focus on rapid learning cycles (RLC).  RLC comprise:

  1. Problems that need solutions  
  2. Learning processes such as:
    • PDCA plan/do/check/act  
    • LAMDA look/ask/model/discuss/act
    • OODA observe/orient/decide/act
    • Experimentation processes  

These learning methods generate innovations/solutions necessary for product design. How do you measure the effects of engineers working at home and/or socially distanced? How does the lack of these “communal methods and techniques” affect product design work?

Participate in this critical discussion to improve your people’s ability to perform critical innovation tasks and drive new products to flourish for the benefit of your customers.

2:00       Introductions
2:05       Savvy Consortium Conference XXX recap discussion
2:30       Make Innovation Work: Overcome the Post Pandemic Obstacles by King Banaian, Dean of the School of Public Policy, St. Cloud State University
3:10       Stand up Break
3:15       Breakout benchmarking discussion: Post Pandemic Innovation
4:00       Adjourn