Peer Groups


Optima Peer Groups provide a forum to share ideas, build personal and professional networks, and see best practices at work.


Experience a collaborative learning environment with your other Continuous Improvement professionals.

invaluable perspectives

Gain a new set of eyes in looking at your organization and receive open and honest feedback.


Explore how others are tackling the common challenges CI leaders face.


Expand your knowledge through building relationships with leaders already on their CI journey

Frequently asked questions

CI leaders, production, operations, safety, product development engineers, product managers, marketing leaders, anyone interested in improving their organization!

Optima peer groups are comprised of non-competing companies. This ensures an open and honest environment where members can share best practices, solve problems, and network with other professionals.

Continuous Improvement (CI) originated in the post-WWII Japanese auto industry. A CI culture strives to improve quality, productivity, safety, and workplace culture. CI focuses on applying small, daily changes that result in major improvements over time.

CI’s strength comes from having all workers, from the CEO to the front line, participate and make suggestions to improve the business. When done correctly, the process humanizes the workplace, eliminates overly hard work, and teaches people how to spot and eliminate waste in business processes.

Optima peer groups are expanding within in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and the midwest. Peer group benefits can be enjoyed virtually.


"I like learning from others in the community and seeing that we are all dealing wit the same issues in our day-to-day operations."
Ashley Briggs
H.J. Martin & Son
"The benefit of the alliance is getting away from the perceptual blindness of just seeing the same work you do every day and getting a group of professionals to point out what you're doing or not doing. "
Mark Micksch
Nature's Way
"Every month you get together. You get to understand what others are working on. They understand what you're working on. "
matt miller
Lakeside Manufacturing