Peer Groups


Optima’s Continuous Improvement Alliance provides a forum to share ideas, build personal and professional networks, and see best practices at work.

We bring together CI leaders from companies of all sizes across multiple industries to share best practices, network with their peers, and expand their knowledge-base.

Peer Connections

Build relationships with other Continuous Improvement leaders

Solve Problems

Gain invaluable perspectives and solutions to the challenges you face

Share Ideas

Discuss ideas and concepts unique to Continuous Improvement

Gemba Tours

See best practices at work with facility and plant tours

Learn Best Practices

Gain the advantage by seeing what works from those already on the journey


Gain the skills that make work easier, better, faster with online instruction

The road to continuous improvement and Lean shouldn’t be lonely.

Achieving operational excellence is a group effort.

Silver Membership

  • 28 events hosted by CI Alliance member companies
  • Non-member company benchmarking tours
  • 24 OptimaLIVE sessions
  • Annual Alliance strategic planning meeting
  • Safety special interest groups
  • Access to Optima's member portal and resources

Gold Membership

  • Silver Membership benefits
  • Five Gold Days

Gold Days may be used towards:

  • Consulting
    • Operational assessment 
    • Strategic planning 
    • Value stream mapping 
    • Kaizen 
    • Succession planning 
  • Workshops
    • Lean Leader
    • Lean Project Management
    • Manager-Led Problem Solving
    • Other topics customized for your team
  • Events
    • Kentucky Lean Tour
    • Benchmarking
  • And more!


"I appreciate the time the Optima team takes to provide these trainings. There is always a tidbit that we can use to improve within our company."
Michelle Laucke, MS MEM
Ortho Molecular Products, Inc.
"The benefit of the alliance is getting away from the perceptual blindness of just seeing the same work you do every day and getting a group of professionals to point out what you're doing or not doing. "
Mark Micksch
Nature's Way
"Every month you get together. You get to understand what others are working on. They understand what you're working on. "
matt miller
Lakeside Manufacturing

Frequently asked questions

Continuous Improvement (CI) originated in the post-WWII Japanese auto industry. A CI culture strives to improve quality, productivity, safety, and workplace culture. CI focuses on applying small, daily changes that result in major improvements over time.

CI’s strength comes from having all workers, from the CEO to the front line, participate and make suggestions to improve the business. When done correctly, the process humanizes the workplace, eliminates overly hard work, and teaches people how to spot and eliminate waste in business processes.
CI leaders, production, operations, safety, human resources, marketing leaders, anyone interested in improving their organization!

Optima has four regional CI Alliance groups:

  • Central Wisconsin
  • Northeast Wisconsin #1
  • Northeast Wisconsin #2
  • Southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois.

We are always excited to add new members across the state and welcome companies from across the Midwest to join our events virtually.

Optima CI Alliance regional groups are comprised of non-competing companies. This ensures an open and honest environment where members can share best practices, solve problems, and network with other professionals.

Want more information?

Send us a message! Optima peer group facilitators are ready to answer your questions.

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