Supercharge Leadership Teams with Continuous Improvement

Are you engaged, disengaged, or actively disengaged?

It’s an assessment that an organization must make if they are interested in culture change or a culture of continuous improvement. The next, and perhaps larger, set of questions are aimed at the management ranks exclusively:

Is the management team engaged, disengaged, or actively disengaged in how they interface and work with the larger workforce?

In most conditions, there is ample opportunity to improve how the management team collaborates and shares in the corporate efforts of continuous improvement. So, what can be done to supercharge leadership teams?

  • Sharpen the saw. Empower management with new skills, tools, and practice to develop their ability to support and progressively lead people more effectively.
  • Building on their capabilities and current knowledge of the work. By providing fundamental knowledge of lean, waste, process control, problem identification, and solving (kaizen) as part of a system of daily management.
  • Ensure they understand and practice daily team huddle meetings. Daily team huddle meetings bridge engagement gaps by inviting leadership to become more effective managers of time and people. Better yet, leadership will become more confident and competent to coach, inspire collaborative problem solving, track performance, and raise levels of empowered performance.

This combination of manager enhancement and leadership practice forms the scope of Optima’s Lean Leader virtual workshop. It covers the relationships between lean tools, organizational leadership, and organizational culture. By exploring these relationships and practicing the skills we share each day, your leadership team (and your organization) will begin behaving and thinking “lean”. While the workshop emphasizes tools and techniques, significant time will be spent on how to think through a problem independently and with others.

Save your spot today and kick-start a culture of continuous improvement at your organization.

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