What the Flow?! Where did it go?!

No matter what sector of business you are in, there is some degree of variation. We set out to design reliable, repeatable and capable processes that flow but, reality doesn’t always reflect that. Meetings are scheduled at various intervals, weekly, monthly, to review and address the variation experienced within the processes but, could you do it sooner? Short Interval Control says, “Yes, you can!” Moving up the review meetings to look at AND address the problems sooner will foster a more stable process that is reliable, repeatable, and capable. Short Interval Control is a way of working that integrates Continuous Improvement into their Daily Routine, empowering the employees to affect the way they work for the better. Why wait to improve when you can start today?!

Chris will be sharing his expertise in Short Interval Control during a March 26 Breakfast Series program in Wausau. Click here for more information and to register.

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